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In general it's pretty basic and this should get you started. Each player takes a turn and pitches two shoes. The last player to score pitches first. A ringer is 3 points and a shoe within 6" of the pin is 1 point. "Leaners" are 1 point in official play and 2 points in recreational play if you agree before the match. A friendly game for beginners is to15 or 21 points, tournaments are typically to 40 points. A ringer can be topped and cancelled by another player, in that case the next closest shoe within 6" gets a point. A ringer cancels the other players point shoes. Only one player can score each inning (4 pitched shoes is an inning). If you don't have a 6" measuring tool, just approximate it by using the width of a shoe across it's opening. If you can touch the stake and a shoe in the pit with a horseshoe at the same time it's a point! A ringer is 3 points if you can touch both tips of the horseshoe with a straight edge and not touch the stake. Otherwise it's just 1 point. Good Luck! And have fun.
Men: Pitch from 40 feet.
Women, Juniors under 18 yrs, and Elders over 70yrs pitch from 30 feet.
Junior Cadets: Under 9 years old pitch from 20 feet and can use lightweight shoes. The Glory GXL (extra light) is the lightest full size shoe at 1 lb 14oz. Another option for a full size cast shoe is the Pony by Thoroughbred. It is a Professionalprofessional Lightweightlightweight Shoeshoe Perfectperfect for Seniors,seniors, Juniorsjuniors and Ladiesladies or anyone looking for a lighter weight shoe! The Pony horseshoe is unique on the pro tournament circuit. It is the only pro style horseshoe that is made lighter without losing the great balance and design features of the professional horseshoe. This is a full size horseshoe that is modeled after the Ted Allen style shoe. The weight of this shoe is about 2lbs. 5 oz. compared to the average weight of tournament shoes of 2 lbs. 8 oz. to 2lbs. 10 oz.

For a quick two minute video on how to play horseshoes and other demonstations check out the Horseshoe Videos page on this website.

NHPA LogoTo find detailed official rules for playing tournament regulation horseshoes, go to the following link for the National Horseshoe Pitching Association: NHPA Playing Rules

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TheNorthern California Horseshoe Pitchers Association.


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