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7 Bill Fraser 1967 Golden Gate SF
10 Bill Blexrude 1969 Golden Gate SF
21 Bruce Lyons 1976 Golden Gate SF
26 Jack Seymour 1978 Golden Gate SF
44 Paul Mori 1982 Golden Gate SF
56 Jack Sorg 1989 San Francisco

If you have information, or photos about any of listed hall of fame pitchers please add it below their name. If we get enough information we can create a separate page for each Hall of Famer. Or email the information to pznkz (Peter). Thanks

Thanks to Dave Loucks for providing information on these past players.

Bill Fraser lived in SF, was right handed and threw a 1-1/4 turn. Bill passed away at the San Jose Fairgrounds of a fatal heart attach while sitting next to Dave Loucks. He had a son, Ken, who became a very good pitcher, went into the military and years later surfaced in Syracuse, NY, as the Secy/Treas of the local horseshoe club. He has since again disappeared and no one in horseshoe circles has seen him for the past 5-6 years. Where are you now Ken?

Bill Blexrude was actually a member of the Mosswood Club in Oakland. Bill also threw a 1-1/4 turn right-handed and lived in the East Bay.

Bruce Lyons was more an administrator than pitcher. He ran many of the tournaments at the Golden Gate Park courts though he himself did pitch in lower classes at the time. I understand that he was a top pitcher in his time. He was right-handed and also threw the 1-1/4 turn. Bruce had a problem with his back and he was obviously in pain at times.

Jack Seymour was a quiet man who lived in SF and was a painter (?) by trade. Jack pitched the 1-1/4 right-handed and was always a tough competitor in the top percentage groups.

Paul Mori was one of the elder statesman of the GGHC who was probably the best pitcher in the club. He was right-handed and threw the 1-1/4 turn but off the right foot which we referred to a bocci step. Very few pitchers then or even now pitch in this unnatural manner where you step forward with leg on the same side as you pitch the shoe. Paul was good enough to make the championship group of the World Tournament in 1947, 1949, 1951 1953 and 1957.

Jack Sorg SF Examiner 81
Jack Sorg, like most of the other pitchers of that time, threw a 1-1/4 turn right-handed.
Jack played in five World Tournaments, 1988,1989, 1991, 1992 and 1993. Each time he was seeded into class play of the open men's division.
1988, seeded 55th in Class A prelims, W2, L5, averaged 55.4%
1989, seeded 61st in Class A prelims, W4, L5, averaged 58.6%
advanced to group A-2 where he W5, L6, averaged 59.5%
1991, seeded 129th., played in C-3, W5, L6, averaged 50.7%
1992, seeded in Class E prelims, W9, L2, averaged 60.9%
advanced to become Class E Champion, W6, L1, avg 67.9%
1993, seeded in Class D prelims, W10, L1, averaged 49.8%
advanced to Class D Finals, W4, L3, averaged 51.4%

The following information was provided by Jacks Grandaughter:
Jack Sorg was inducted into the hall of fame in 1989. I grew up watching him pitch horseshoes in Golden Gate park and traveled all over the state with him for tournaments throughout most of my childhood. He even became the champion in his division after battling cancer. He was an absolutely amazing man. I have so many fond memories of being with him during tournaments, especially in SF. My grandmother joined him often in his travels and my Aunt who has also since passed away, was also a horseshoe pitcher within the club, Char Sorg. My father just found a bunch of things including the picture that is my profile picture that I would like to send to you for your site. The picture I posted was taken by the SF Examiner in 1981 at the pitts in Golden Gate Park. I believe I have the flag from the chapter somewhere as well. I can still remember the smell of the eucalyptus trees and feel the cool breeze as I watched him throw ringer after ringer near the polo grounds in Golden Gate Park. I know shooting 60+% was common for him. He had a pit in his backyard that was clay for a long time. I still have his competition horseshoes. Being a member of the chapter in SF and later other chapters was a very integral part of his life. He had many friends who loved him very much. I miss him dearly. I look forward to sharing with you what I find.
Jack Sorg 2_2001Jack SorgJack Sorg - Tom Webb

Jack Sorg - NCHPA HOF
Left to right: Vince Maurico deceased, Sharon Paddock as the skunk, Marty Dunn deceased, Genevieve Lavett deceased, Ernie Kim deceased, Vern Brightman deceased, he donated the burl for the plates to go on, Dave Loucks, Back row: Verndon Zelmar, Marqurite Henry, Jack Sorg deceased, Bill Henry deceased, Marthe Dunn, Vern Gosney, Tom Webb in Lumberjacks costume, Yvonne Mauzey, Al Crabtree, Bob Mauzey, John Morehouse and Earl Blunton.

George Callas
George Callas is one name missing who was a key member of the GG club. George was a very close friend of Paul Mori. They often traveled together with their wife's. George pitched well, but not as good as Paul. George threw a 1-3/4 turn right handed. He was the resident clown of the club, sometimes wearing clown glasses, funny hats and always with a joke. As a youngster, I (Dave Loucks) always had the impression that George and Paul pretty much ran the Golden Gate club.

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